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Red Bull Holden Racing Team
10 OCT 2019
Red Bull Holden has a solid first day at Bathurst
Jamie Whincup / Craig Lowndes - Car #888
Practice 1 First (Fastest Time: 02:04.6744)
Practice 2 Eight (Fastest Time: 2:06.1757)
Practice 3 Second (Fastest Time: 02:03.9237)

Shane van Gisbergen / Garth Tander - Car #97
Practice 1 Fifth (Fastest Time: 02:05.1577)
Practice 2 Fourth (Fastest Time: 02:05.7200)
Practice 3 Eighth (Fastest Time: 02:04.1501)

Jamie Whincup - Car #888
"All in all, it was a good day. The car was well and truly on the pace out on the track. We worked through our program very methodically and achieved what we wanted to achieve in the sessions. Any day you can complete all three sessions is a good day, so we'll take that. It's a long weekend ahead though, so we will keep focused and make sure we stay there or thereabouts. Car #17 is very fast, and he has definitely cut the tenths down the road on pure speed so we will work away and see if we can find it tomorrow."

Craig Lowndes - Car #888
"For my session it went fairly smoothly. It was great to be back in the car and get some laps under my belt. It's good to get into a rhythm and work on more of a race car scenario than a qualifying car. The car has come out of the transporter fairly close to the mark. Jamie did a fantastic job in the third session . The car looks like it has the goods to be on pace for the rest of the weekend."

Shane van Gisbergen - Car #97
"The car wasn't good in practice one. It was hard to drive, but it got better as we tried to keep up with the track evolving. Garth did practice two and he did well. In practice three, the car was good, and the team made some good in-roads from the sessions before; it was easier to drive. The new tyres were a little bit off, but it's not the end of the world. I kept making little mistakes, but also, we're not 100 percent on the limit, you don't need to be on a Thursday, so it was a really good start. We're just trying to make it a little bit more balanced across the top to make it easier for us. It's hard to follow, so we're going to have to try to come up with a car that makes it easy to pass people or we're hopefully up front and can race up to cars ahead. It's going to be a fine line, I think. It's so hard to follow here this year, it's so much faster. We've got more downforce, which means dirtier air. You're more reliant on the downforce, so when you follow someone you don't have that clean air."

Garth Tander - Car #97
"I felt really comfortable, but certainly taking no risks. For me, I was understanding how the Red Bull Holden Racing Team car behaves at Bathurst because it's not somewhere that you can make a mistake and get away with it, especially across the top, so I just wanted to build up to it. I managed to do that through the session. I'm really comfortable with where the car was at. We made some changes that improved the car and the important thing is that Shane and I are saying the same thing as far as our feedback goes for the balance of the car. I thought for me it was a good day. I'll sleep well tonight knowing that I feel comfortable in the car and look forward to tomorrow. The whole process of learning the Triple Eight way for me continues. As far as communication with all the crew and my description of how the car behaves, it seems to be working. It's good that when we get to Bathurst and we're doing it for real and the pressure's on, it all works well."
27 Jun - 28 Jun 2020
Practice 1
Days Hours Mins Secs
  • Saturday
    • Practice 1 30 Minutes 11:35 - 12:05
    • Practice 2 30 Minutes 13:25 - 13:40
    • Qualifying Race 3 15 Minutes 14:25 - 14:40
    • Race 3 40 Laps 16:15 - 17:15
  • Sunday
    • Practice 3 30 Minutes 09:30 - 10:00
    • Qualifying Race 4 20 Minutes 10:40 - 11:00
    • Race 4 67 Laps 14:05 - 15:35

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